Artist Statement

What if?
It’s an exciting question.   It’s the thrill of seeing a blank page, a blank screen, or holding a plain, ordinary item in my hand and asking, that question-what if?

That’s where I start.

What if?...That plain corrugated notebook could be useful and beautiful?  (See Handcrafted Objects)
What if?...The image of an open door was a gateway to the sea? (See Photos)
What if?...I could chisel a letter into a telephone book and uncover beauty? ​(See Creative Letterforms)

What if?

I love the old - I consider vintage and antique ephemera beautiful treasures and  collect antique postcards, advertisements and paper.  I  enjoy the new - and combine the digital with practical, everyday objects.  I try to incorporate texture and the unexpected in my work, whether handmade or computer-generated.

What if?​
The possibilities are endless.  The ideas are limitless.  The journey...exciting!