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cre·​a·​tive:  Marked by the ability or power to create:  given to creating. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

For me, every part of the project is the best part.  I love the beginning, the middle and the end. 

The beginning is the blank screen or the blank page which beckons to me to make my mark.  To start HERE.  To start NOW.

The middle is the problem-solving stage, where unexpected issues may crop up, but must be resolved. Here's where the victories happen.

The end is never really final for a designer; we can keep going, but this is where we are content to stop and say, "That's enough.  My idea is ready to be seen by the world."

Creating is where my heart sings!  I'd be happy to join you on your design journey.

Illustration by Fred Harper

Karen Raptakis

 Karen & Company Graphic Design


Graphic Design,

Logos, Identity & Branding,

 Art Direction

Greeting Card Award

In the year 2000, in recognition of creative excellence, I was awarded a LOUIE award from the Greeting Card Association in the Friendship/Encouragement category (General above $2.25) for the Sojourner Truth card. (Shown at right.)

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